Sealing that board!

Do you want your board to last ? of course you do !

We recommend using a food grade butcher block oil to season the board before use and once a month thereafter.

Butcher block oil is absorbed by the board which in turn stops other liquids from being absorbed and warping or staining the product

How do i clean the cheeseboard?

Use a tiny amount of dish soap, hot water, and a rag to clean. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Is it dishwasher safe?

No, hand wash only don't be lazy

How to get the longest life out your board


  • Dunk or let the board in stand in water. The wood will absorb water and potentially warp.
  • Use bleach. This will stain the wood and/or excessively dry the wood.
  • Put a wet board flat to dry. If the board dries on one side, it will cause the wood to warp.

how do i remove/avoid stains?

Chopping brightly coloured foods such as berries can stain the board.

There's no need to resort to harsh, toxic cleaners to remove stains from bamboo; the appropriate cleaning methods are as green as the board itself.


Dampen the stain with clean water. Cover the area with kosher salt, which can draw the stain up and out of the bamboo. Let the salt sit overnight, then rinse the board clean in the morning.


Mix more salt with water to form a paste if the stain is still visible. Scoop the paste onto a toothbrush and brush the stain with it. Rinse the board. Repeat until the stain is gone or the process stops having an effect.


Clean the board thoroughly with a mild detergent and hot water to remove any lingering salt. Let the board dry.


Sand the stained area lightly with fine-grit sandpaper if all else fails. Season the board with food-grade mineral oil to return the bamboo to its original condition and protect it from future stains.

Things You Will Need

§  Kosher salt

§  Toothbrush

§  Mild detergent

§  Fine-grit sandpaper

§  Mineral oil