How strong is it?

We understand that our main customer concern is that the magnets will not be strong enough to hold up your prized knife collection.

We assure that you will be able to hang a combined weight of 4kg or 8.8lb

  • if using velcro strips assure they are rated to over 4kg or 8.8lb

you can rest assured that your knives will be secure! We have successfully tested our product with knives over 300g

how do i put it up?

Every purchase comes with a set of instructions specifically made for this product.

basically you will have two options

  1. use the provided screws, mounts and easy hang template
  2. use velcro strips


how do i look after it?

  • Only put knives on the holder that are completely dry to prevent rust 
  • twist the knives off, don't slide them off this will reduce the scratching
  • We recommend wiping with a microfibre towel. it shouldn't get dirty, if your knives are clean. 

will my knives spin?

Our strips have strong strips running through the whole surface, not just the edges to prevent any spinning.

Knife Strips are designed to have the handle hanging underneath this will prevent it from unbalancing.


what can i mount it to?

Velcro strips

Any smooth surfaces like walls, glass splash backs and tiled surfaces

*please note hang the knife holder onto the wall first without knives to let the velcro strips set and confirm that it will hold


Anywhere you can drill a hole, preferably into a stud

*please make sure you use the correct drill BIT TYPE for the surface you are drilling


quick tip

make sure to hang the knife holder out of the way, where it can't be knocked or easily reached by children